Saturday, July 14, 2012

“Love is a better teacher than duty” -Albert Einstein

Over the past few years I have learned a thing or two about teaching, about learning, and about life. This blog is going to deal with all three, with a little bit of love.

Any act is done better when it is done with love. Teaching, especially, requires a seemingly endless supply of patience and tolerance, which for me most often comes from a place of love. Love for my students, love for what i do, love for the ability to share knowledge, and love for creating an environment in which myself and others can learn and grow.

In my experience, both in and in front of the classroom, I have found that true learning occurs when a student has true motivation, appreciation, and a sincere interest in not only the subject matter but in learning itself. Curiosity about the world around us comes from love for the world around us, and I believe that a loving and open heart and mind are essential for any successful student.

People who do what they love are successful in life. Not necessarily rich people, but happy people. Those who follow their passion and, as a result, enjoy a rich quality of life that others may not. Love in this way can be seen as a driving force, a shining light post guiding us toward a more complete life. If you follow the love you can’t go wrong. In the classroom, in the waiting room, in life itself. It is unfailing and it is all around, always available to be tapped into and followed to the next great thing.

Do I follow these principles perfectly every day? Absolutely not. However, I have love in my heart, for what I do and for the world around me. Today, that is what guides me to grow, to develop, to improve myself and hopefully the world around me. I hope for this to be a place to share my stories, to share my experience on this path, and hopefully hear from some others who are doing the same. Just to share the love. A

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  1. Ava, thank you for this simple reminder: any act is done better when it is done with love. I am with you about sharing love to learning, teaching, life and people.